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Top: More about Christian Dating Service What is like the Adam-i-Eva Christian Dating Service?

The Adam-i-Eva Christian Dating Service is beyond "Traditional" Online Dating, Mail Order Bride and most of Christian Dating Services, too.

It is not an Entertainment Online Dating: neither fleeting dates nor virtual romance games. It is not a "Russian" Mail Order Brides Service sells and resells women from ex-USSR or their profiles all over the Web, provides sex-tourism and fertile in nice business cheating born-yesterday guys out of their money.

It is not a "Traditional" Christian or Jewish Dating Service restricted by a definite religion, denomination or just locally. We work for both Christian singles and any marriage minded single sharing Christian Morals about marriage and family; providing singles all over the world with rational search, matchmaking and transparent dating. You define denomination, degree of religiosity, search space among dozens parameters of database search request. We believe it is most honest way, alas, far not such successful commercially as first ones and having no regular donations and steady support as the last.

So, Adam-i-Eva is a perfect Computer Dating (Matchmaking) Service, made by Christians, based on Christian Morals, with powerful compatibility matching algorithm and really comprehensive profiles. The Adam-i-Eva Christian Dating Service bears certain similarity to eHarmony and ChristianCafe but, hopefully, better in some way, more honest and transparent, Christian and liberal at the same time, working for both American singles and European and African and Ukrainian and Russian singles.

Unlike the eHarmony and ChristianCafe and some other Christian Services we are not restricted to North America, Western countries or some religion/denomination. In fact eHarmony, ChristianCafe, other serious American top-sites make soft or absolute discrimination against Third World and ex-USSR countries (IPs from this part of the world might be forbidden!) These dating services are great, but we guess some unfair. Jesus Christ would not like such discrimination at all! Christianity is religion of free people. In a certain sense Ukraine now is more free country than the US or Good Old Europe.

Probably we are idealists, offering you not only pretty faces but also lots of info keeping your eyes open to avoid odd Emailing and cheat. If you like our views and think to help us, you can subscribe a donation we shall appreciate it very much!

So, we offer three-language interface (English, Ukrainian and Russian) with single database and common rules for both ladies and gentlemen (Mail Order Bride Services used to be free for ladies only). Then, our MATCHMAKING is BILATERAL and adapted to both American, European and post-soviet, called "Russian" mentalities (we don't ask in the questionnaire what TV show and showman you like the most – it's stupid if a person is from other part of the world or what kind activity you do in your church). Our questionnaire is shorter but universal and more effective thanks to the bilateral searching method and IMPLANTED PSYCHOMETRIC TEST bring forth matches' COMPATIBILITY.

Compulsory detailed profile and a photo of standard size (except INVISIBLE members) increase efficiency dramatically without superfluous but virtueless correspondence. If your potential match didn't provide a profile in English, you may use online translator. Perhaps it is not so fun or exciting but it is really most effective for perfect matchmaking and transparent search for your soul mate (you know the "Russian Rocket" style – simple and inexpensive solving a problem). Besides that it saves your time and money – you need NO EMAIL to see what kind of person is your match just like the nose on your face!

In addition, of course, FREE MEMBERSHIP – join us and you will be able to look for your kindred soul in our database FOR FREE! Surely, you should spend at first half an hour to fill in all the forms to join. One more feature: since that your ad takes part in EVERY database search and you will be notified (if you like it) by E-mail of EVERY new member matching you! This off-line matchmaking is FREE OF CHARGE, too.

100% validity control and monitoring of Email addresses, photos and profiles acceptance exclude non-serious or idle ads from our database and protect interests of serious marriage minded members. Most of "professional Russian brides" or just frivolous persons are flunked out too.  

Top: More about Christian Dating Service SAVING YOUR TIME & MONEY

In a nutshell: no cheat, no dead-end contacts, no idle photo gallery, minimum of "professional Russian brides" and a mass of info instead of fancy and self-deceit. Basic services are free, you should create your own profile and may seek your soul mate free of charge. You need not pay anything until you find someone(s) special and kindred or just interesting and you decide to pay some extra service to contact her/him or translate.

We do our best to exclude cheat of "professional Russian girls" such as making money on men or just playing games. Our service is intrinsically inconvenient for cheat or tricking because our matchmaking is bilateral, transparent and too complex for any games. Another kind of cheat is one of Marriage Agencies, for example: you fly to her and she is waiting for you at the airport but you get shocked – she looks so different from the nice photos taken in the Marriage Agency by their pictorialist!

There is one more kind of cheat Marriage Agencies do – fictitious brides. They go on reselling and sharing profiles of women to hundreds of other agencies even if the girls got married months or years ago or are not interested more in internet dating. Moreover, professional writers provide fascinating corresponding, surely, they will get money out of you – for emailing, translation, computer, passport, visa, etc.

We sell neither real women nor fictional ones! We just gather information, moderate, process data, fulfill your database request ensuring match compatibility. All data and photos are provided by our members themselves and they can tell about any member much better than stunning photos from a pictoralist do. Don't get us wrong, we don't interfere in your affairs but we do our best to help you. We just refine away people not matching you or whom you don't match.

We don't make money on you attracting clients with photo gallery as ALL Mail Order Bride Services do, this way they let your imagination run away with you substituting real data and wasting your time and money and bringing to fatal frustration. And we provide you complete information of your match from very beginning FOR FREE! 

Top: More about Christian Dating Service BE CAREFUL – DANGER!

Cheat and tricks (see above, please) are not only dangers in Internet dating. There is more dangerous thing, not for your wallet but for yourself! Everybody heard of internet dating cheat but you, probably, never heard nor thought about danger for singles themselves. The point is long search for your match via Internet goes ill with you, your mentality as destroying factor. It makes no matter what intentions you had first: search for Ms./Mr. Right, romanticism or thirst of entertainment. The longer you seek the harder the influence, in a year or two any romanticist-idealist turns into skeptic, cynic or even pervert and seeker for Ms. Right turns into eternal sex-tourist...

Having begun from search for soul mate you will not note how you change little by little. Probably you will not recognize it even alone with your thoughts that you have turned into sex-tourist or eternal virtual seekers for Ms. Perfection, substituting real life with virtual world. So, you have one year, maximum two for searching in classic way (Mail Order Services with galleries and minimum info, emailing, meeting) with a few girls only. Then your chances to change your life fall down to zero dramatically and instead of that you will be changed yourself. (Sounds like the Matrix movie, does not?)

It influences your mentality through both chatting on-line and E-mailing and following meeting face to face doing this via hopes, lie, disappointment and frustration. The point is lack of information of potential partner you compensate investing your choice with features of your dream and fertile imagination. It's human nature. This danger is actual both for girls and guys. But our method let you minimize the risk!

From very beginning we provide you with mass of data of your match such as views, dreams, tastes, temper, ensuring compatibility, that increases efficiency of your search tens and hundreds times! We have done our best to help you to find your One-and-Only as soon as possible and reduce the destroying influence of correspondence and prevent frustrations. Having written no letter you can imagine your match very close to reality. Nobody glamorizes our clients. They look just as they introduced themselves but by our scenario. If you have not found your match in our database immediately you may keep your usual life waiting for a note of joining your match to our database. One day your fate will reach you! 

Top: More about Christian Dating Service YOU SEEK A PHOTO GALLERY?

Sorry, we don't offer such baubles as photo gallery, romance chat, erotics, horoscope, swing, etc. Surely, such things are advantageous to attract visitors and promote a dating site, but we work for marriage minded singles and believe it would be fake and just unacceptable for Christian Dating Service! You come here to find your kindred soul to marry and not to deceive yourself, so we do our best to help you. Now let us illustrate our opinion about Photo Galleries.


Just a usual girl without professional make-up and pictorialist The same girl with some extra professional make-up and pictorialist

You are wrong! Both photos are of the same girl! Usual photo and one taken by a good pictoralist. Trust us, difference might be far wider! We have much more impressive samples, unfortunately we don't have the people's sanctions and cannot publish them. Really, a good photographer can make ANY, EVEN MOST UGLY WOMAN look like a MODEL!

Do you still long to be deceived? Sorry, probably you should try another service. We help marriage minded singles to find soul mates having much in common (including religion) with minimum of emailing. Join our service and you get access to really comprehensive profiles of your matches with photos FREE OF CHARGE.  

Top: More about Christian Dating Service WESTERN MAN IS WANTED, WHY?

Yes, many women from ex-USSR have lots of dignities such as mass of care for her kids and husband, responsibility, beautiful, hardworking, great in cooking and housekeeping, well-educated. Sounds like ideal wives, eh? Often they seek Western men only, why?

Root causes are poor/criminal economic + lack of men. Average life of men is 10-12 years shorter than women's over here.

1. Her life is too hard and she sees NO GOOD PROSPECT in nearest future in her country for BOTH HERSELF AND/OR HER KIDS, she cannot fulfill herself in the country.

2. Every man she dated with before was either alcoholics or other asocial man who tried to make use of her and she is sick of both the men and common loutish behavior.

3. Since Soviet times ideal of Luxury Western Life attracted Soviet people and still does them now and they mostly don't realize how hard could be obstacles and adaptation.

4. Most trivial: dreams of rich husband-gentleman to get higher life level not working too hard (economics over here is criminal so local rich men are mostly very tough guys).

5. To make some money tricking Western men asking to pay tickets to visit him, getting visa or passport, Home PC for corresponding, studying language, translation service, treatment after accident, etc.

6. Romantic adventures with Western man, a kind of holidays. Trip, dinners with candles, gifts and so on. Some rest from everyday life – heaven on earth. Can you guess who pays?

So, if a woman from ex-USSR looks for Western Man ONLY you should think twice why she does it. At best it's hidden ECONOMICS EMIGRATION. Remember, too, if you want a young wife, the younger ladies from this part of the world, the less they differ from Western girls. They are more spoiled, cynical and pragmatic, less responsible and careful for close people than older ones, especially girls from big cities like Moscow, Odessa, etc. Night club instead of night nursery, gym and shaping instead of kitchen, pleasures instead of duties.  

Top: More about Christian Dating Service IS ECONOMIC IMMIGRATION GOOD?

Well, you are aware of economics motivation of your choice. But ask yourself: are you ready to reconcile yourself to be only next most important for your future wife (or even third, after her kids)? And do you know how much is percentage of successful marriages with women from Eastern Europe? Only a few percents of such marriages are longer than necessary to get residence permit.

You cannot just buy a wife with longer warranty period. If your future wife pursues immigration to a rich country at first your marriage with her is similar Russian roulette. To overcome the cultural and mental differences in marriage with a woman from Eastern Europe there should be both feelings, compatibility, common interests, mutual respect and understanding.

Are you sure you embody her dreams and her obligation will be strong enough? Are you sure you can compensate for lack of her self-actualization? You should know average level of "Russian" brides' education and intellect are higher than average. Despite of they are well-trained and works here as dentists or teachers or managers it will be almost impossible to legalize their diplomas to work as qualified personnel.

So, you should choose with your future wife if she like to be a housewife, or take part in your family business or you should help her to learn new language, some courses, legalization of diploma, etc. Even a diamond needs someone's help to shy.  

Top: More about Christian Dating Service WHY IT'S BETTER THAN MAIL ORDER BRIDE?

1. Off any cheat of "Russian girls"! Our matchmaking system is in no way convenient for any cheat and works like a lie detector in our club doorway. Besides that parallel three languages interface with single database let you look at your match's answers from questionnaire and psychometric test and read her like a book.

2. Off cheat of Marriage Agencies, too! You fly to her and she waits for you at the airport and you get shocked – she looks so different from her nice photos taken in the Agency! We don't glamorize or prettify our clients at all. We affirm only that we do our best all members of our service to be really marriage minded and take searching for One-And-Only seriously.

3. All Mail Order Bride Services give minimum information of their clients leaving their characters and hearts off-screen and letting your fantasy play. They present just some artistic pictures having nothing in common with real person and a few figures – that's all. And we offer most comprehensive profile describing person's temper, views, tastes, etc.

4. Our unique matchmaking method with perfect bilateral algorithm and built-in psychometric test ensures compatibility of potential matches with counting match ratio. Essential résumé(story) and a photo of standard size represent your potential matches perfectly, so you need not spare E-mails, that saves your money and time!

5. Unlike any Mail Order Bride Service our female members seek not emigration at any price, but their One-and-Only at first. So, your chance to build happy family is here dozens times more. Or you prefer to be next after her economic interests or be cheated? Don't play the Russian roulette! Girls from Eastern Europe are some different from Chinese wives.

6. Off deceit! We never call our members "most beautiful", "good-mannered", "most decent", and so on. We don't glamorize our clients as ANY Mail Order Bride Service does! You give some data, we process it making matches. You judge your potential matches by their comprehensive profiles! Then we notify you of ALL new matches, all these FOR FREE!

7. Probably, next feature is interesting not for everyone, but many people should appreciate it. No Mail Order Bride Service takes into account interests of Christians, other believers or disabled people. We do! Read below.  


Both Christians of main denominations and faithful people of other main religions should appreciate our special options, those no Mail Order Bride Service offers. You can choose not only between main Christian denominations and other religions, but what place has belief in life of your match and yourself, from atheist or agnostic to faithful going to church every week. Bilateral computer matching reckons in level of tolerance, too.

There is lack of tolerance in many countries-parts of ex-USSR, especially in Russia. Racism, intolerance to different cultures, religions or denominations. Most of population over there are nominal Orthodox Christians and many of them cannot see their match be a Roman Catholic or Protestant. It is worthy of note that Protestants over there pay Orthodox Christians back with their hot "love and agape", too. Our matchmaking algorithm is bilateral, so don't surprise you find not so many potential matches.

There is a kind of discrimination for disabled people in Internet Dating Services. Common services have no option for disabled people. And in special services they could seek their matches between either disabled people or a kind of perverts only. We offer special option for disabled people during choosing body type. We believe this solution should work the best way for disabled people. And there is one more surprise for handicapped people – they may contact their handicapped matches absolutely FOR FREE.

So, in fact our site is better for Christians and other believers and disabled people than both specialized dating sites for Christians / disabled people and common ones for everybody. The point is special-purpose sites shrink circle of their customers and even most serious common dating sites don't consult interests of Christians and other believers and disabled people.  

Top: More about Christian Dating Service OH, THOSE PHOTOS!

According to our rules every advertisement is completed with a photo of standard size 192 pixels (height) x 128 (width). This size is enough for quality kit-cat portrait or bust but too small for full-length portrait. This way we kill two birds with one stone:
– smooth gap between artistic professional pictures and amateur photos;
– defeat stunning pictures to bring your fantasy away substituting facts.

Frankly speaking, there is one more important reason to limit quantity and size of photos. We believe it is stupid to choose your partner in life in exterior at first. If you have mass of common interests, temper, views and so on for happy marriage you need only your match to be agreeable or handsome, no more. If you like a person inside he/she becomes more beautiful outside too. It's just a solid sense.

Standard size photo downplays advantage of pictoralist Standard size photo downplays advantage of pictoralist

Surely, you may upload your photo of any size but under 500 Kb in any graphical format (JPEG, GIF, PNG) and just in a few hours our photo editor will process it the best way. Or, if you have some skill in graphics, you may upload your photo of standard size and your ad will be activated immediately. 

Top: More about Christian Dating Service DETAILED PROFILE

Very important part of our know-how is essential detailed story to complete your profile. You have to write 200-500 words about wanted match and yourself, your life style, views, dreams, temper and so on. Trust our experience, it is only in your behoof! The more you tell here the better for you. Nobody could see your story except your potential partners matching you mutually, so you should be honest and frank to make the most your opportunity. The story will save mass of your time, money and nerves in future.

Having written no letter you may tell your potential partners who are you and what you seek. You should do it once and need not afterwards Email every your matches saving your time and money. If you pay no attention to your story, it will show your potential partners you are not too serious about searching for your soul mate.  

Top: More about Christian Dating Service Database Search Request & Requirements to Your Match

There are two extremes as our clients use sometimes our matchmaking system: irresponsible- and stupid-careless. Both of them underestimate our service and lose their chances a lot.

First choose for their partners options "no matter" everywhere, refusing in fact main advantage of our service – bilateral search. Perhaps they think: "Hey, I don't know my own mind, could the stupid authors of the ponderous site help me? But I am curious to look over their database – who are there? Why not, it's fun!" Yes, they can find dozens and even hundreds "potential partners", if they don't care whether their soul mates drink or smoke or believe in God and other "small details". Anyway, they use our site in fact as a primitive photo-gallery.

That's why we use 20 potential matches limit for regular members, showing them only 20 matches with highest match ratio plus all their matches-privileged members. If you are a privileged member you can see all your potential matches. Anyway it's too boring to turn over the hundreds of matches, if you get too many matches, try to specify your database search request.

Second ones give quick answers choosing only option in every question to wanted partner. For example, having chosen "your match lives separately from last partner", they throw away both divorced and widowed and people who had no long-term relations before. It looks like they cannot use "Ctrl" key to select several options answering a question. It influences on results of search dramatically! Another sample, you smoke very seldom, you define this option for yourself and automatically for your match. This way you exclude ALL NON-SMOKERS! If you get too little matches, try to analyze your database search request and correct it to get number of matches near twenty. It's optimal request for free service.

May God speed you!

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