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The Christian Dating Service for marriage minded singles is rather young, it started on March 16, 2003 as and works full-scale practically since July 2003. In a year we changed design, URL and name – Naturally, great majority of our members are Ukrainian and Russian Christian Singles, Orthodox, Evangelic, Greek-Catholic, Catholic. That's why our English feedback book is not too long. Do you want to become an author of next notice? Click here, please, to contact us!

topJune, 26, 2010

Hello, thank you for your webservice. I read all the information you posted and I appreciate your advice. Now, I want to test. Is it possible to pay for only one month of using your service? Thank you for your reply, God bless you
(Unlike any other dating services ours is optimised to look for soulmate with minimum of emailing. In other words ultimate result doesn't depend on quantity of emails, both sent and received. So, to save your money you may use either free mode or economy one for fixed number of emails. – A-i-E)

Marcelo D.A.

topJanuary, 20, 2010

Hello, I wish you're happy success in your work in making chrisitan meeting.
I was surprised that you give chances for handicapped people's meeting. that is so unique. I am protestant christian of korea.
May I questions? How many successful results do you have between handicapped men and healthy (I mean physically normal) women.
(It is not a marriage agency, so we have no statistics about future of our clients. After sending first email our role is over. So, emailing, visas, meeting face-to-face, relations establishing, etc. – everything clients do themselves. – A-i-E)
Even if your efforts are very impresssive, but results are rare, it is meaningless for me to join in you, I think.
How do ukraine women think that the dating and marriage between disabled men?
(It depends on a person only. Any way everyone may join us and work with our database free of charge with no credit card. – A-i-E)
I really thank you that you give good service for handicapped people's meeting.
I wait your kind answer.

paul yoo

topSeptember, 6, 2009

Help me find a woman in Poltava, Ukraine!
Dear Sir,
I have found a woman on a charging web site, they want me to spend over $1000.00 before they will give me her contact information. This is what I know about her;
Her online name is londa, she signs her letters as Tatinia, born on 3/9/75, 5'7" tall, brown eyes, blonde hair. She is the director of a business in Poltava, She has one daughter named Anastasia, she is 14 years old.
Any assistance you can lend will be greatly appreciated!!!
(Sorry, we cannot help you. You seem to misunderstand how marriage agencies form part of sex-industry work. We have nothing common with them, we don't accomodate clients in our office, don't share or barter or resell our profiles. Most probably the lady has her interest in the tricking. So, it's your choice and risk to be tricked or try to meet her, etc. It may be even a fictional persona – A-i-E)
God bless you,


topDecember, 27, 2008

Dear sirs, Your site is 2good to be true. You make a nice business of it as real Christians! God save your souls!

topOctober, 21, 2008

I have met a lovely lady from your website and found a true love. We are to be married in February 2009 on Valentine's day. Thank you very much for an excellent job of screening. Now, how do I turn off my profile?
Best regards,

Joel Stephen Robinett

topSeptember, 12, 2008

Hi, I was really excited about this site, I just had a feeling that God was putting me in this direction, and I also felt safe with this site! But your email has not arrived to my address, I have checked by junk mail/spam and it was not there either? Is this a sign from Christ that I should forget this site? I do not know what to do now? Jerry


topNovember, 30, 2007

Hello, thank your for your kind service. I have enjoyed it and thought the Lord would lead me to meet a woman that might enjoy a better life here in the US... at this point I might be better there!
At any rate... a Colombian has got me in her cage right now... Can you remove me from the service for the time being. I don't want to mislead in of God's ladies thinking that I'm available.
God bless and Merry Christmas from Miami Florida!

Gary Matthews (ex # 18710)

topOctober, 31, 2007

Hallo, very good site!

topSeptember, 1, 2007

I would like to say that it is great to find a christian introduction agency that specializes in women from Eastern Europe. I have researched many agencies and have found them to be wanting in providing services for christians.
I was wanting to know if you have offices in the USA or in Russia only. Also, I am seeking women of Assemblies of God or Pentecostal denominations and wanted to know if you have women on your site of these denominations.
Thank you for your assistance
God Bless You

Perry Mayall

topAugust, 12, 2007

Hello, my spam software may have sent you a warning from Spam Bully... disregard, I appreciate your emails and may find a quality Russian lady after all.
God bless,

Gary Matthews

topApril, 22, 2007

Keep up this great resource. best g

topMay, 25, 2006

hello nice site. The only problem is thier is no date specifying when the last date these girls were on-line. One girl says she is 31 in her introduction essay while the site says she is now 33 so she has not been on the site in 2 years and is most likely not available. Wondering how many others are like this and a little apprehensive about joining.

Bruce Holman

topAugust, 19, 2004

I have discovered your web site today. It is really fantastic... When are you going to make a French version?


topJuly, 13, 2003

... thanks for the honest views. I've spent some time in Ukraine and found the women there very appealing but it has taken a long time for me to begin to understand what's going on in terms of the difference in mentality, the mental laziness and the other factors that you rightly mentioned. However, I still find myself drawn back to Ukrainian women. I'm sure there are some very suitable Ukrainian women for me but they aren't that easy to find. One of the biggest problems in all of this is the wasted time involved. Maybe with your help, I could more quickly spot the genuine ones who weren't 'on the take'? I liked the idea of your service and I would be interested in using it... Also, I really like the idea of getting the women away from the agencies because my experience of agencies has not been very positive in general.

Clive Richardson

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